NFS Underground 2 Nissan Skyline R34 Race

Just a random NFSU2 race with the Nissan Skyline R34 and it's original sound engine as well as showcasing it's "awesome" bodykits. Edit: I do apologies, it's not the original sound, it is indeed a level 1 version. I'm currently speedrunning through the entire game for a future video but don't expect typical NFSU2 gameplays as I want to continue the Tier 6 campaign walkthrough of NFS The Run. Regarding the engine sound, if you upgrade the Engine level 2 and level 3, it changes the car engine sound. You have to remove a certain part to remain the original sound. What you think R34 fans? Did NFSU2 nailed the engine sound? (Sorry, the one I'm using is actually level 1). Now for the bodykits, it's unique but I unlocked them via mod to showcase them. How do they look like? I felt that they kinda predicted the rear Nissan R35 GT-R design :P.